Monday 5 October 2009

Our Artist Talk

We presented our artist talk today in front of a small and enthusiastic crowd of temporary jailbirds. Our talk was the last scheduled event on the Critical Animals line-up. If you are reading this blog for the first time today because you were handed our card by Zeph at our talk, welcome and thanks for coming along today.

If you couldn't make it to the Lock-Up today: our talk was about our project, waste, steady-state economics (in which economic activities fit within the capacity of ecosystems), permaculture, future scenarios, our Daylesford community and the Hepburn Relocalisation Network and our relationship with waste.

A big thanks goes to Gerry Bobsien from the Lock-Up for taking these photos and for her ongoing support. And likewise to Aden Rolfe, Co-Director of Critical Animals, for his enthusiasm for our project and for helping us pick up rubbish very early one morning.


  1. Congratulations. I really wish I was there to hear your presentation. It's sad, I think, and regrettable, that the crowd was small. It probably means that the coming environmental apocalypse - which I believe is inevitable - has not yet caused public opinion and participation to reach the tipping point. I don't know when that'll happen; but it will happen. Until then, and after then too, it's vital that people like you guys, say what needs to be said, and point the way to a better life for everyone. For that (and of course for lots of other things), I'm so very proud of you, AaF. xxx

  2. Oh, I forgot to say that I think the first photograph in this post is superb. It captures (pun intended) wonderfully what I'm sure the founders of The Lock-Up Cultural Centre were hoping to achieve when they set it up. xxx