Saturday 3 October 2009

Free Wheelin'

TINA, the This is Not Art festival has started so Newcastle is abuzz with young folk keen to take part in some way. There are exhibitions, forums, artist talks, movies, music gigs, poetry readings, performance art and an exercise yard full of local trash collected over the last 9 days.

We two adults came up to Newcastle for TINA last year and it feels good to be back, this time with Zeph to share the experience. And our bikes. Last year we were on foot, but this year it's great to have our own wheels. Riding, stopping somewhere to pick up rubbish, then riding to our next destination.

It's so fun to ride around the city and wave at all the other cyclists on their Bike Library bikes, recognisable by their individual nameplates.


  1. I saw THE TURK today as well! Although I must say I think LOTTI DARLING is my favourite.

  2. Newcastle must be getting to you guys, AaF. I've never seen anyone smiling after falling from a bike. I hope you're undamaged, PJ. And I hope the three of you continue to have fun and to do good work up there. xxx

  3. thanks fd,

    when i fell and after inquiring if i was ok, meg ordered me to stay where i was so as to snap the shot. by the time the camera was loaded and ready to shoot we were both in stitches, it's amazing the peg wasn't blurred.