Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Going Backwards

From today's Age:
State's rubbish heap becoming a mountain
Recycling has gone backwards in Victoria for the first time this century, with an increase in organic waste being dumped into landfill, and mountains of glass sitting unprocessed at recycling plants.

While households are becoming more recycling conscious, the amount of some types of commercial and construction waste being re-processed has fallen sharply.

Recycling of organic rubbish - forestry waste, garden clippings and food - fell 20 per cent in 2007-08, according to a Victorian Recycling Industries survey. The drop was 14 per cent for glass and 4 per cent for construction and demolition waste.

The drop ends a decade of rapid growth for the recycling industry.

More organic waste in landfill poses a second problem - boosting greenhouse gas emissions. When massed in landfill it emits methane, a greenhouse gas about 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Environment Victoria campaigner Fraser Brindley said recycling had been hit by two events: the financial crisis affecting demand for recycled goods and State Government policies not supplying the incentive to boost recycling.
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  1. Hey Meg
    I got a shock when I realised the date today- I've been so busy with things- I'd still really love it if you wanted to come over to have a cuppa. I rang this morning and left my number with Kerri, but I'll try again later today. I'm in Sydney tomorrow-do you have any time on Sunday?

  2. Sunday would be great! I shall get your number from Kerrie and phone you today. Hope you are well.