Friday 2 October 2009

An Economy of Forgetting

"What’s most nefarious about plastic... is the way it invites fantasy, the way it pretends to deny the laws of matter, as if something — anything — could be made from nothing; the way it is intended to be thrown away but chemically engineered to last. By offering the false promise of disposability, of consumption without cost, it has helped create a culture of wasteful make-believe, an economy of forgetting."
Donovan Hohn, 'Moby-Duck: Or, the synthetic wilderness of childhood'


  1. Dear Zephyr,
    I just wanted to write you a post card
    from the beaches of Melbourne.
    For that is where I write from.
    I wanted to write especially to you Z,
    because in this picture posted on the blog.
    I can see how proud you are of what you are doing,
    how proud you are and you should be, of what a great thing you are doing with P.J and Meg.
    Thank you for your participation in this fabulous project. Thank you Zephyr, for collecting all the things you have collected from the beach,
    all the plastic that we, WE, Zephyr, anyone who ever dropped anything, have dropped.
    You, and Meg and P.J have shown me what a mess, what a giant giant mess, we have made.
    You have made me think differently about how I dispose of things, how I consume, and what I must think about to be a better person.
    I look at this photo and I see a boy who made a difference.
    May you always know what a difference you made.

  2. Aw,anthony made me teary...
    and I was going to say that these posts are so beautifully written but I especially love the titles. I would like to forward a link to the enviro officer at Adelaide education office if that is ok?

  3. of course Umatji, and thank you both for your kind words.