Monday, 17 September 2018


We are home.

It is male. 

It is female.

Home is we.

Home is a place of many makings,

and scratchings,

and gifts.

We are young ones,

learning to make,

an array,

of goodly things.

We are older ones,

who brew fire and broth,

preserve all manner of sweet things,

throw together weedy, seedy and sprouted lentil salads,

clean and dry nutritious weeds for storing,

sift the char from the potash and use both in different applications,

build ritual places to cry out the old life,

and recycle our mammalian wastes to ferment into humanure.

Our various productions require planning ahead,

in order to create abundance,

and turn such treasure into medicine,

and all before lunchtime,

which is before playtime,

and more play,

before siesta time.

The afternoon's homemaking sees us expanding the food commons,

bow making with gleaned timbers,

and then on to the tip to bring back more glass frames,

to extend the growing season,

and to make another story of economy,

that is active and accountable,

and love treasuring,

and making.

Thank you Gabrielle Connole for all the wonderful photos above, and the 24 hours we shared together.


  1. Lovely!
    (And the new header photo is fab!)

  2. Beautiful photos and wonderful story of an inspiring family

  3. Beautiful and inspiring, thank you for sharing.


  4. Awesome post! Nice pics too.

  5. We are building our greenhouse out of tip windows too. Would live to see a blog post on yours��

    1. Tip windows are the best! Chance encounters of the salvaging kind.

  6. Mmmmmmm lush, so happy to experience your journey here instead of Instagram ❤❤❤

  7. Love this post, simply beautiful :)


  8. Such beautiful photos and what a beautiful life ❤️

  9. Hi guys - is there a way we can sign up so we receive notifications of new posts? I don’t want to miss anything and have memory problems ��

    1. Hi Fiona, at the top right hand side of this blog you can enter your email address to subscribe to our updates, which will be emailed to you. x

  10. This is perfect guys!

    1. Thanks Kitt, but our makings and doings are far from perfect. While we are radically decoupling from food and energy imperialism, we are not immune from being imperialists on Jaara peoples' country. While we are the least imperialist-dependent people we've possibly ever met, because of the economic-cultural changes we've put in place, it sickens us that our quarter acre, nearby public commons and all the local lands around us that makes our 'flow of gifts' economy possible, all still ride so violently on the back of invasion, terra nullius and continued intransigence to first nations people. That is not to say we can't labour a trillion ways to lessen our various imperialisms and reduce our dependency upon Big Ag, Big Pharma, Big Energy and Big Media, to name some of the most pronounced imperialisms, it is to say we are aware of some of our inevitable imperfections and blind spots.

  11. So heartwarming! Thanks a lot <3

  12. This is beautiful. I just finished your book (finally) and am deeply challenges and inspired. Going back over some key passages to share with those around me. Sunshine and love from Broome to you. Melania