Thursday, 2 September 2010

Relocalised food makes news

Among sex scandals and sociopathic world leaders, Artist as Family's Meg holds ground as Food Forest makes page 3 of yesterday's SMH.

Click for bigger.

Read article here.


  1. you guys are ace - no wonder the minister thinks it is the footprint of jesus! looks wonderful

  2. i love the "footprint of jesus" idea (and how it ties in with the notion of an 'ecological footprint'.)

    and i love that the good reverend francis is really pushing it - when you come up with a catchy idea, keep at it!

    for me, that church is a fascinating situation - a struggling community centre with a hot piece of real estate on its hands... i can imagine francis' delight when you guys showed up on his doorstep!

  3. sweet jesus....the veggies are coming!