Thursday, 19 August 2010


If you were anywhere near the top end of Albion Street, Surry Hills yesterday and you heard a high-pitched squeal, it was us! It was our first visit to the Food Forest since the Plant-In five weeks ago.

In the town we live in, in Victoria, we are still in the grips of winter: rain, frost, sleet, snow.

But here in Sydney, spring has sprung, the proof of which we saw in the Forest.

Food Forest is going to be officially opened on Saturday 21 August at 2.30pm, with a floor forest talk by the Artist as Family and gardening guru, Peter Cundall. Hope to see you there.


  1. Wow you should have a good audience of people cueing to vote in the hall next door! I'll be at work (matinees) but Best wishes! *s*

  2. Looking good, AaF. Can't wait to see the Food Forest - and you three - first hand next weekend.
    With love from cold, wet and windy northern Tasmania. xxx

  3. Best wishes for tomorrow!
    First vote, you-all!
    and from PC


  4. what a terrific photograph. congratulations to the tree!

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