Sunday 11 October 2009

17 Days

Well, our residency has come to an end. In 17 days, we have collected much rubbish and many friends. We love Newcastle and are sorry to leave, though we are looking forward to returning to our community, our garden and our chickens. To everybody we met, thank you for making us feel so welcome, and to everybody who followed our journey on this blog, thank you so much for your support.

But before we bid you adieu for now, we hope you enjoy this short film about our time here. Until next time, signing off, The Artist as Family.


  1. What a journey you've had, AaF. And your blog's been a fantastic way for those of us who live far away, to follow it, and to see it through your eyes. The film's a fantastic summation. Newcastle: so beautiful from a distance, so polluted close-up. What our whole planet's like, really. Adieu to you for the time being, AaF. And thank you. xxx
    PS I'm very much looking forward to the resumption of Land of Meg.

  2. If only the world's waste problem could be resolved by a solution as inspired as this.

  3. Love the Fun Theory! Again, congrats on an inspired residency. The doco's a beautiful capture, compression and release of the energy of AAF. Ha! and the word verification is redness! X

  4. Inspired again. Cheers. Ta. Thanks.